Hybrid location for TWIG personal alarms

TWIG Point Netloc

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    • Turn-key world-wide WiFi + cellular locating of compatible TWIG personal alarm devices (off-site)

    • Turn-key world-wide indoor location refined with custom on-site beacons (SRD, BLE  or Wi-Fi).

    • Improves location availability when there is no GPS / GNSS signal e.g. indoors

    • TWIG Point Netloc is compatible with TWIG device types TLP54EU, TLP53EU, TLP52EU, TLP51EU, TLP50EU, TUP93EU and TUP92EU (SRD3 required for Wi-Fi and BLE). For TWIG Embody of device type TUP91EU only cellular and SRD beacons are possible. Device type is printed in type label, on back side of the device. 

    • Mobile data usage typically 0.5 kB per positioning

    • Activation and access through TWIG Point account. Service included in All inclusive and Utility subscriptions.

    • For details of configuring devices remotely, please refer to Configuration Guide.

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