Turn-key AGNSS for faster and more reliable position acquisition


Product Code: SWA-FOC

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  • TWIG AGNSS (Assisted GNSS) feed enables the faster and more reliable positioning compared to normal GNSS.

  • AGNSS replaces the previous AGPS feed. TWIG devices including a multi constellation GNSS receiver listen to GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites.

  • Activate by checking AGNSS in TWIG Configurator, or through TWIG Point account.

  • By selecting AGNSS feed to TWIG personal alarms the first GNSS acquisition after moving outdoors can often be made faster and more reliably.

  • GPS/GNSS system typically offers no position availability indoors, and degraded position availability when moving from indoors to outdoors (“first fix”).

  • AGNSS may speed up first fix and improve position availability.

  • To activate AGNSS the GPRS mode must be on and mobile subscription must have GPRS/IP service on.

  • The typical monthly mobile data usage is 0.6 MB.

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