Product catalog

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. TWIG lone worker alarms offer customizable safety solutions, allowing you to tailor the device to your unique needs.   

Wireless SRD configuration adapter
Configure TWIG SRD beacons with wireless adapter
Desk button holder
Accessory for TWIG Remote Button mounting
Alterable SOS key colour
DIY kit for alternative SOS key colour compatible with TWIG One and TWIG One Ex
Belt clip, SOSCard
Robust belt clip allowing 90 degrees rotation
Charging station, SOSCard
The docking station compatible with TWIG SOSCard
Charging adapter, Embody
Charging adapter to connect USB charger to TWIG Embody device
Charging station, Embody
The docking station compatible with all TWIG Embody wearables
TWIG Ex USB cable
USB cable for device programming of TWIG Ex devices
TWIG Ex charger
Ex charger (CME92EU) for charging TWIG Ex personal alarm devices
TWIG Door Sensor
The Short Range Device for Doorways
Set of wearables, Embody
Full set of wearables fitting with TWIG Embody device
Wrist band
Wrist band for TWIG Neo and TWIG Embody personal alarms
Carbine hook with velcro loop
Accessory for TWIG Neo and TWIG Embody wearable lone worker alarms
Carrying strap with ripcord for wearable lone worker alarms
Pendant with ripcord for TWIG Neo, TWIG Embody and TWIG SOSCard devices
ID badge holder and carrying strap for TWIG Embody
ID badge holder with lanyard and ripcord for TWIG Embody device