The docking station compatible with all TWIG Embody wearables

Charging station, Embody

Product Code: AWD

    This combination does not exist.

    • A smart option for device charging enabling to dock the TWIG Embody device on upright position and pose it in a user friendly way.

    • Easy to view device display and recharging status. 

    • Mount and remove using one hand only.

    • Compatible with all TWIG Embody wearables: ID, clip, hook, pendant and wrist. 

    • Please note: The charging station cannot be used for programming device settings.

    • Optional remote docking indication, enabling the central station to monitor device status and usage

    Compatible with all TWIG Embody Wearables

    Charging TWIG Embody ID

    Charging TWIG Embody Clip

    Charging TWIG Embody Wrist

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