Compatible with TWIG One, TWIG One Ex, TWIG Neo and TWIG Easy

Smart charging station, F-series

Product Code: AFS

    This combination does not exist.

        • When in charger, TWIG personal alarm device sends the serial number of the smart charging station to ARC. This helps to locate the device faster.

        • Optionally smart charging station can be geocoded to TWIG Point enabling to get the device location when in charger.

        • USB cable is not included.

        • Compatible with TWIG Neo (TLP52EU), TWIG One (TLP50EU, TLP51EU) and TWIG One Ex (TLP50EU, TLP51EU).

        • When used with TWIG One Ex, the adjustment plates need to be removed! The adjustment plates can be released from the small hole on the charger's bottom plate.

        • TWIG One Ex device must not be connected to any charger with any other cable than FME92EU, CME92EU or CCE92EU.

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