What is Amber alert?

Amber alert function is an effective timer-based condition check aid to triggering TWIG SOS cycle when facing high-risk “code yellow” scenarios, also when the user is incapacitated and can no longer raise alarm by pressing SOS button.

Interactive Amber alert or so called server based alert can also aid triggering alarm at Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), in scenarios where loss of mobile network coverage is anticipated and transfer of SOS from TWIG device to ARC is thus compromised.

Interactive Amber alert, when chosen, requires careful integration with the ARC system, in order to effectively manage lone worker risks.

There is a local timer on TWIG device, set at the same time with the ARC timer and with the same expiry duration, informing user through pre-alarm when it is time to reactivate or turn off Amber alert. Amber alert can be activated or deactivated by calling or sending a SMS message to an activation or deactivation phone number.

Read more about Amber alert configuration in TWIG Configuration Guide.

The dedicated lone worker protection function


When the countdown time runs out, TWIG device will launch emergency alert and call/send  messages to pre-configured phone numbers.

Amber alert key

The Amber alert key is designed with question mark symbol and yellow color highlighting the "code yellow".

Pre-configured UI key

The SEND and END keys of TWIG Embody and TWIG SOSCard can be configured for Amber alert instead of their primary functions.