Lone worker safety features

Mandown alarm

Automatic alert is launched by vertical or horizontal device orientation, non-movement, impact and free fall. 

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Amber alert

Amber alert is a timer based alert for risky situations. The SOS cycle is automatically activated if device user has not reacted on a given time. 

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Indoor location

TWIG devices equipped with SRD3 option can be located inside buildings by using cellular network or Wi-Fi, SRD or Bluetooth beacons.  

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SRD3 compatibility

SRD3 option expands device use cases with compatible short range devices, Wi-Fi base stations and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.

Wi-Fi communication 

Wi-Fi network enables lone workers to alert help by calls and messages over Wi-Fi in areas where mobile network is not available or mobile network signal is poor.

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4G and VoLTE

All TWIG lone worker alarms support 4G connection for SMS, data and VoLTE calls.

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Water and dust proof 

Dust and water proof lone worker alarms for demanding environments.

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Alarm monitoring 

The alarm monitoring system is a solution to track and trace alarms triggered by the lone worker alarm device.

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Attendance monitoring

Register attendance with compatible tags.

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