Who is a lone worker?

Lone worker is someone who...

...Works in isolation

Isolated from colleagues

...Out of site of colleagues

Lavoro in mobilità

...Outside normal hours

Work in the evenings and at night

...Spends time alone

Work place staffed by just one worker

Esempi di lavoro da lavoratore in solitaria


Alone working cleaners are mostly working in isolation, indoors  and outside normal working hours.


Working alone in extreme circumstances can cause  human errors and fatigue and lead to serious injuries.


Construction is a high risk lone work industry with a high percentage of fatal error and major injuries.


Alone on the road or loading and unloading the vehicle are daily risky situations for logistics personnel.


Maintenance work consists of non-routine tasks outside normal hours and in a time pressure.


Security workers face an increased risk of confrontations or even violence at work.

Oil and gas

Workers face risks of hazardous substances, radiations, noise, vibration and extremes of heat and cold.

Vendita al dettaglio

Lone working service people come face to face with furious, difficult or unsatisfied customers.

Health and social care

Employees providing health and social care services within people's homes are exposed to both social and environmental risks.