Lone Worker Safety in Maintenance Work

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Maintenance work spans all sectors and workplaces, often conducted alongside operational processes and machinery. These tasks, characterized by their non-routine nature and execution outside regular hours under time constraints, present a heightened risk of human error and accidents.

Common Risks in Maintenance


Electrical equipment such as switches and motors can cause sparking. Direct contact with live parts poses a significant burn risk to workers.

Electric Shocks

Engineers and electricians face direct exposure to electrical currents, risking painful and traumatic electric shocks.

Human errors

Maintenance tasks involving complex machinery disassembly and reassembly, especially under time pressure and outside routine hours, increase the risk of human error and accidents.

Employer Responsibilities

As guardians of workplace safety, employers need to provide their teams with advanced safety systems. This not only ensures compliance with stringent safety regulations but also demonstrates a dedication to the well-being and lives of every worker. Safeguard your most valuable assets - your employees.

Equip Your Team with the Best Safety Systems

Protect your most valuable assets - your employees.

TWIG Advantages for Maintenance Workers

Amber Alert

When entering a risky situation, the Amber Alert timer can be adjusted to trigger alert at predefined time intervals.

Powerful Alarm Tones

A powerful vibrating alarm and alarm tones help sensing pre-alarms and incoming communications.

Mandown Alarm

The automatic ManDown function can trigger alert if user is unconscious or unable to alert help.

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The Benefits of Choosing TWIG

Future-Proof Functionality

Devices maintain compatibility across new device generations.

Durable devices

TWIG lone worker alarms provide reliable performance in all situations.

Scalable Solutions

Our scalable system adapts to your evolving safety requirements.

Made in Finland

Decades of know-how in communication and location solutions.

Trusted Quality

A reliable provider of safety solutions trusted by service providers worldwide.

Certified Compliance

Each device meets stringent lone worker alarm standards and requirements.

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