Lone worker alarm for heavy duty workers

Robust and powerful


TWIG One lone worker alarm device is designed to protect lone workers in noisy and hazardous industrial environments. 

  • Key lone worker protection functions

  • Powerful loudspeaker

  • Robust design 

  • Compatible accessories

  • Scalable functions

  • Easy integration to various monitoring systems

Customize your device

Mandown alert in falls, no movement, impact and free falls.

Accurate location

Greater accuracy provided by 3 satellite navigation systems.

Hands-free calls over LTE

SOS alert

Emergency alert to predefined numbers.


Track the alarm and view its positions on map.

Locate with SRD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons indoors.

SOS button

Dedicated and configurable SOS key with optional colour.

Remote management

Firmware update over-the-air. 

Manage and monitor with TWIG Point platform or 

integrate to your own monitoring system

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TWIG One protecting lone workers in

  Construction industry

Lone worker safety in construction

What is your lone worker safety need? 

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