The new multi-wearable personal alarm for lone workers in service industries

TWIG Neo Magneta

Product Code:
  • Carrying options
  • Mobile network options
  • GNSS-Optionen (Satellitenortung)
  • Alternativen des Lage- und Ruhealarms
  • Mit oder ohne SRD3-Option
  • Ladegerät-Adaptertyp

Diese Kombination existiert nicht.

Carrying options: Belt clip
Ladegerät-Adaptertyp: EU

      Lone worker protection features and benefits

      ManDown alarm

      ManDown alarm detects falling, no-movement, free fall and impact.

      Rip alarm

      Rip alarm is triggered automatically when the lanyard is detached from device by force.

      Silent alarm

      The ergonomic panic button helps to launch alert discreetly.


      On-screen messages from service center are notified by beep and vibration and can be read instantly.

      Indoor location

      Paired with TWIG SRD, BLE or Wi-Fi beacons TWIG Neo can be located when GNSS signal is not available.

      Easy Integration

      TWIG Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol (MPTP) enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving center.

      Compatible short range devices

      TWIG Neo equipped with SRD3 device option registers attendance by reading TWIG SRD tags.

      Remote configuration

      Fully remotely configurable, the TWIG Neo lone worker alarm is fast to deploy and flexible to operate. Also USB programmable, either manually or using saved file.


      Chargers, wearables, charging and programming stations enlarge the TWIG Neo usage in multiple lone worker environments.

      Examples of lone worker jobs

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