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10th Nov 2021 The Finnish Security Award 2021 to Twig Com!

3rd Nov 2021 How to use Mandown alarm with TWIG Neo

2nd Sep 2021 The new TWIG Remote Button SRD now for sale

26th Aug 2021 Easy hybrid location for your system with minimal system integration

23rd Jun 2021 Benefit from hybrid location with the new TWIG Neo

18 Jun 2021 A new video on TWIG Neo published

1st Jun 2021 The new TWIG Neo now for sale in Europe

18th Feb 2021 The new TWIG Bracer 4G safety phone for sale!

26th Jan 2021 TWIG One and TWIG One Ex now available with 4G VoLTE

4th Dec 2020 TWIG lone worker alarm devices ensuring operator work

5th Oct 2020 New TWIG accessories for charging and programming

26th Aug 2020 TWIG Embody protecting lone workers in indoor emergency situations

24th Aug 2020 Improved features of TWIG One and TWIG One Ex devices

16th Jul 2020 The new TWIG One Ex now for sale!

22nd Jun 2020 The new lone worker alarm - TWIG One - is now for sale

7th Apr 2020 Simple nurse call system with TWIG devices

17.9.2019 TWIG-henkilöhälyttimet Finnsec-messuilla 2.-3.10.2019

5th Sep 2019 Watch our new TWIG Point product video!

21st May 2019 Improve indoor location with site planning and management tool

13th May 2019 Lone worker safety improved with server based Amber alert