10th Apr 2024 Great team work at Milano relay marathon
We ran for a good cause together with our trusted partner Irbema s.r.l
10 April, 2024 by
10th Apr 2024 Great team work at Milano relay marathon
Twig Com Ltd.

The Milano relay marathon on 7th April 2024, presented an exciting opportunity for our company as trusted partner of Irbema to demonstrate our commitment to common goal. Together with Irbema we ran to run support the solidarity project of Maria Letizia Verga Committee, which since 1979 has aimed to improve the overall quality of life of children and young people suffering from haematological diseases and diseases with high therapeutic, metabolic and genetic complexity.

As important as the participation of the runners was the participation of all team mates taking care of the event organisation, support before, during and after the race and joining us with the positive spirit to achieve the common goal together.

The running team

The running team was divided by 2 Twig runners and 2 Irbema runners. Each member of the 4 runners took on a leg of the race for the common goal. 

Team members from left to right: 

Daniela Gilardi, Irbema
Azad Khamooshi, Twig Com
Jane Lindell, Twig Com
Gianmarco Celtana, Irbema

On the day of the marathon, the excitement was palpable as the first runner lined up at the starting point. As the baton passed from one team mate to the next, we experienced moments of fatigue and exhilaration, but above all, we felt a profound sense of solidarity.  At each leg, a new runner began their stint, while the finisher of the previous leg hurried with the rest of the team to the next meeting point. Surrounded by the cheers of supporters and fellow participants, we embarked on our journey, each step bringing us closer to the finish line. 

The weather was excellent and the ambiance was extraordinary. Through sharing the joy and challenges of the day we strengthened our bonds for future collaborations. Moreover, our involvement in the relay marathon reinforced our commitment to health and wellness in the workplace. 

Excellent team spirit

As the last runner crossed the finish line, everyone in our team knew that our journey in the relay marathon was about more than just running; it was about coming together as a team, supporting one another, and achieving something greater than ourselves. 

The memories we created and the lessons we learned will continue to resonate within our company, driving us forward towards new challenges and successes.

As we look towards the future, we remain committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, knowing that together, we can overcome any obstacle and reach new heights of success.

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