Case Study: TWIG Easy used by forest workers in France

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1. Case Study Lone worker safety in forest industry Forestry case in a nutshell • French National Forestry Office (Office National des Forêts, ONF) needed to find a lone worker protection solution for their forest workers executing their duties isolated in forests and mountains. • Forestry is a risky lone work including dangerous lone working situations. • TWIG Protector EasyS with options of mandown alarm and GNSS was selected as the lone worker device to response to the needs of ONF. • Easy-Alert service platform of TWIG distributor Magneta S.A. was selected for management and monitoring of TWIG devices and alerts More information about TWIG Easy personal alarm device on or by mail More information about Easy-ALERT on or by mail The forest worker of ONF wearing TWIG Protector EasyS lone worker alarm device Statement of satisfied customer • TWIG Protector EasyS lone worker alarm devices have been quickly accepted by ONF forestry workers. • The lone worker safety device is not only a legal duty of the employer, it also makes the forest worker feel safe when working alone and isolated in the forest. • Device implementation was facilitated with instruction sheets describing device use and functionalities in risky situations. • The French National Forestry Office is satisfied with TWIG devices and with Easy-Alert alert management solution of Magneta.

2. More information about TWIG Easy personal alarm device on or by mail More information about Easy-ALERT on / or by mail The new TWIG Easy Simple and powerful 4G lone worker alarm device for forest workers New design and technology • familiar user-friendly keypad • Mandown alarm with 4 possible alert triggers: device orientation, no-movement, impact and free fall • Reliable outdoor location with GNSS satellite positioning • Powerful loudspeaker Magneta S.A. is the exclusive distributor and authorised repair center of TWIG personal alarms in France. The EASY ALERT web service of Magneta S.A. Easy Alert web service of Magneta is a platform that was created at the request of clients and is the result of Magneta’s Lone Worker Protection expertise. TWIG Easy (replacing TWIG Protector EasyS since June 2022) • Building on the success of the 2012 released TWIG Protector EasyS, the new TWIG Easy personal alarm device released in June 2022 • Designed for lone workers needing a simple, compact and durable personal alarm device to protect in various lone working situations • 2G/3G/4G voice calls and data communication • Automatic Mandown detection on fall, tilt or impact • Amber alert • SOS key • 2-way hands-free voice calls • Powerful vibrating alerts • Dust and water proof (IP67) • Remote configuration • GNSS (GPS, Glonass and Galileo) • SRD3 compatibility option for TWIG short range devices (beacons, doors sensors and remote buttons, not compatible with TWIG Tag!), Wi-Fi and BLE locations • Hybrid location for public space location (cellular + Wi-Fi) and for on-site location (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE) • Compatible with TWIG Point Services • Communicates with all systems using TWIG MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol) both SMS and data Full range of TWIG accessories • Charging station • Programming station • Smart charging station • Multi-device charging station • Carrying case • Belt clip • Charging adapter • Mains charger • Car charger (ACC)


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