25th Apr 2017 TWIG Bracer – Now for sale in Europe

The new 3G/GSM/GPS safety phone for industrial and outdoor lone workers

TWIG Bracer Safety Phone

The two-in-one TWIG Bracer safety phone is now ready for shipping. TWIG Bracer is a rugged Android smart phone with lone worker alarm functions.

TWIG Bracer 3G/GSM/GNSS safety phone is designed for industrial and outdoor lone workers requiring a rugged smart phone with panic buttons and automatic alarm functions. A safety phone with alarm button, doubling as mobile phone, is often suited for moderate risk scenarios.

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TWIG Bracer Benefits

Two in one

Android smart phone with lone worker alarm functions

Location over MPTP

GPS, AGPS, Cellular and Wi-Fi location

Remote device management

TWIG Point Remote Configurator

Other Benefits:
  • Panic buttons
  • Automatic ManDown+ alarm triggered from device orientation and non-movement
  • Securing risky situations: Amber alert with timer
  • Plug-in compatible: Alarm functions and protocols familiar from TWIG personal alarms
  • Dedicated safety phone for outdoor and industrial lone workers: phone, PIM, e-mail, web, 2G/3G, Dual SIM, USB-port, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touch + keypad, LED torch, water and dustproof IP68, powerful battery and loudspeaker
  • Read more on TWIG Bracer product site