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Datasheets for TUP90EU and older devices - TWIG Protector Datasheet EZ3300-02-EN

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2. Compatibility and communication TWIG Protector can communicate with all systems using MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol) both SMS and GPRS. Tracking and alert messages include information on GPS / TWIG Beacon location, speed, heading and battery charge. Provisioning and security • Remote or local configuration • Authorisation of remote and local access Mechanics • Waterproof (IP67) • Shock resistant Ease of use • Dedicated ergonomic SOS key • LCD display with guiding symbols • Preprogrammable Quick dial / status keys • Amber alert key • ManDown control key • Answer / End call • Power On / Off Key telematics functionality • Alert through SOS key • Automatic ManDown alarm (tilt, non - movement)* • ManDown+ (two independent alert triggers, device orientation and non - movement) • Amber alert (timer alert, local + server - based) • Two - way GSM voice with speaker option • Device and user status messages • GPS / TWIG Beacon tracking* • Geofence* Brief technical specification • Dimensions: 18 mm x 45 mm x 94 mm • Weight: 89 g including battery • Quad - band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) • 5 - band 3G (800/850/900/1900/2100MHz)* • Built - in GSM and GPS antennas • Operating temperature - 20 ° C.. +50 ° C Operating time • Rechargeable 1350 mAh Li - ion battery • Typical operating times, GPS/GPRS reporting** 9 days (1 GPS report / hr) 5 days (1 GPS report / 10 min) 33 hours (1 GPS report / min) 10 hours (1 GPS report / 5 sec) Up to 25 days (GSM standby only) • Recharging time*** < 3,5 hrs for 100% Care and control SOS key Quick dial Status Amber alert ManDown control Charging station TWIG Button wireless alarm GPS* • High performance 48 - channel receiver • Time to first fix: Hot start 1 s; cold start < 35 s • AGPS feed: Extended ephemeris over GPRS • Configurable opt - out and roaming block • Extended ephemeris on - board generation • Motion based GPS control* Sales package content • TWIG Protector GPS*/GSM unit with integral battery • Charger of choice (mains / car) • Quick user guide Options • ManDown alarm • 3G cellular • TWIG short range devices (SRD) transceiver • Non - GPS version • ATEX – approved version ***** II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb Zone 1 Category II Gas intrinsically safe temperature class 4 Accessories • Charging station • TWIG Beacon SRD indoor/outdoor locating device* • TWIG Button SRD wireless alarm* • TWIG Tag SRD RF identifier* • Leather carrying case • Car charger + car holder • Cable USB to mini - USB Product images are indicative only . Twig Com reserves right to change all information without prior notice . Communication is only possible within GSM network coverage . GPS location requires sufficient signal, typically only available outdoors . *Some product versions only . **Operating times may vary substantially depending on environment . ***Charging only above 0 ° C and below 40 ° C . ****Requires appropriate central station implementation . *****Some product functions differ in ATEX version, see separate data sheet . TWIG is a registered trade mark of Twig Com Ltd . More information : www . twigcom . com

1. EZ3300 - 02 - EN © Twig Com Ltd. 2016 Twig Com Ltd. Lairolantie 14 FIN – 24910 SALO FINLAND Tel: +358 40 510 5058 Fax: +358 42 510 5058 TWIG Protector is the complete 3 G*/GPS/GSM personal safety device, designed to protect lone workers and those needing care . Alert triggers include SOS key, automatic ManDown function, Amber alert and optional TWIG Button wireless alarm . Predefined emergency protocol transmits last known user position and opens two - way voice connection to alarm receiving centre (ARC) . High - performance GPS receiver with t urn - key AGPS feed is complemented with TWIG Beacon indoor location* . The small and light ( 89 g) device is rugged and IP 67 water proof, providing ease of mind for the user and unparalleled life cycle economies for the administrator . Excellent operating times even in continuous GPS monitoring are achieved through advanced technology and large - capacity battery . Lone worker protection Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers means to alert help. Depending on risk assessment, a dedicated alarm device may be required. • Automatic ManDown function can trigger alert if user is incapacitated. • When entering a risky situation, request enhanced monitoring with Amber alert. It can trigger alert in ARC also in absence of GSM connection.**** Attendance monitoring Register attendance by swiping TWIG Tag RF identifiers . Personal protection Whether VIPs or loved ones, TWIG Protector improves safety through SOS key, two - way voice and GPS tracking, even in real time . Telecare Telecare solutions powered by TWIG enable those with long - term care needs to enjoy more independent and active lives . A discreet wireless wrist alarm TWIG Button and charging station turn the TWIG Protector into a home care unit . Efficient deployment Fully remotely configurable, TWIG is fast to deploy and flexible to operate . Also USB programmable, either manually or using saved file . TWIG Protector Short Range Devices (SRD) TWIG Beacon SRD TWIG Tag SRD TWIG Button SRD TWIG Protector GPS satellites GSM/GPRS network ARC Alarms monitoring and tracking TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre . Optionally the TWIG WebFinder SP software provides a turn - key solution for testing or deployment . Or receive alarms and reports on your smartphone as SMS with web link , opening up Google Maps view . The Complete Personal Safety Alarm


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