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3. CALL AND MESSAGE SYMBOLS Pressing SOS key or Amber alert key. Displayed when SOS key or Amber alert key (number 5) has been pressed. Sending a position report. Emergency cancellation. Displayed when cancellation period is processing. Pre-alarm for ManDown alarm is set. To cancel the emergency cycle, lift the device to vertical position. Do it while this notification is displayed. To let the emergency cycle take place: Do nothing. Waiting for location update. Displayed at the beginning of SOS cycle when device tries to update the location. Emergency call retry. Emergency numbers can be voice call numbers. The notification is displayed when the device makes another call attempt to a number. Post-alarm state. Displayed when the emergency cycle is completed, and the device makes audible alarms at regular intervals. Displayed with ManDown alarm and Amber alert symbols when in post-alarm state of ManDown alarm and Amber alert. Emergency completed. Displayed when the emergency cycle ends normally, or when the emergency mode is ended manually. Alert state completed. Displayed right after the emergency cycle is finished, or the sensor alert is cancelled. General failure. Displayed when an operation fails. ALARM SYMBOLS HANDLING AND MAINTENANCE NOTE: The instructions below apply to the device, its accessories, batteries in use as well as batteries taken out of use. • Dust and dirt may damage the moving parts of the device. Do not use or keep the device in dusty or dirty surroundings. • Do not open the device or battery by yourself or pierce holes in it. • Rough handling may break the circuitry inside the device. Do not drop, knock, twist or shake the device or its battery. • Keep the device dry. Liquids contain minerals which could corrode electronic circuits. If the device gets wet, turn it off and dry the device and the battery immediately. Put the device into an upright position and let it dry. It is recommended that a reseller or service personnel check that the device functions properly. • Even though the device is waterproof, do not wet the device unnecessarily or immerse it in water. • Protect the device from heat. High temperatures may shorten the life of the electronical devices, melt or warp plastics and damage batteries. Do not warm up the device or battery or use it near fire. • Do not short-circuit the battery or battery contacts. Exposing the metal strips of the battery to a close contact with a metallic object, such as a coin, a clip or a set of keys can cause accidental short-circuiting and damage the battery. • Charge and recharge the battery only with the charger provided in the sales box. Use the battery only for the purpose it is intended. • Clean the device with a soft cloth, dampened slightly with mild soapy water. Do not clean the device with harsh chemicals, solvents or other corrosive substances. • Only allow service personnel authorised by Twig Com Ltd. to repair the device. Contact information: SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONS TELEMATICS PROTOCOL MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematic Protocol) allows, among other things, tracking of the device over the SMS communication. Automatically sent telematics messages are only allowed to authorised numbers configured in the device. Such numbers can be, e.g. emergency and service center numbers. Position of the device is retrieved by the GPS*, or by the network parameters - the latter is a network dependent service. The carrier for telematics messages is a SMS message. Deliveries of all messages is fully handled by and in the responsibility of the GSM network operator and services can vary substantially. The charge of a protocol message is determined on the contract by the service provider. GPS The Global Positioning System (GPS) is operated by the government of the United States, which is solely responsible for its accuracy and maintenance. The system is subject to changes that could affect the accuracy and performance of all GPS equipment.

4. EMERGENCY CALLS The device is an aid and should never be relied upon as an only emergency device. Its functionality is dependent on GSM network and GPS satellites which may not be available all the time. To make emergency calls, the device must be turned on and located in an area with adequate GSM network signal strength. Making an emergency call also requires GPS satellite coverage and a valid SIM card. Emergency calls may not be possible on all GSM phone networks or when certain network services or phone features are in use. In unclear cases, consult the network operator. CARE, MAINTENANCE AND DISPOSAL The continuous operating time is less when using an old battery than a new battery. When storing device for a long time, it should be kept cool and with fully charged battery in a dry place. Li-Ion batteries do not contain heavy metals which can damage the environment. Device and Li-Ion batteries should be disposed according to the country-specific regulations. ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS IN USAGE SIGHT The device must have an unobstructed view to satellites at any time. In marginal conditions (e.g. when staying in surroundings with heavy tree cover or next to high-rise buildings) GPS positioning may not work properly. If the device is mounted somehow, it must be attached to the surface so that the back of the device is facing up and the top of the phone upwards. To ensure proper functioning of the GPS and GSM/3G, the unit can be covered with thin low loss material such as plastic, fibre glass or clothes, but not with metal. This concerns particularly GSM and GPS antenna areas!

2. LONE WORKER ALARM FUNCTION KEYS TWIG Bracer is a safety phone with dedicated lone worker alarm functions. DEVICE SOS KEY • opens display and TWIG Bracer • starts SOS cycle • opens display locks TWIG BRACER SOFT KEYS • Assistance call (1,2,3,4) • Amber alert (5) • ManDown alarm (6) MENU KEY • opens display SOFT SOS KEY • starts SOS cycle BACK KEY • closes application • cancel ON/OFF KEY • Power on / off • rejects / ends calls • sets display on / off LONE WORKER ALARM SYMBOLS SOS cycle is active. SOS cycle is in post emergency mode. Position requests are possible from emergency numbers. Tracking is active to one or more destinations. ManDown alarm is active. Automated emergency cycles are possible. Amber alert is active. GENERAL SYMBOLS FOR DEVICE STATUS SOFT KEY SYMBOLS Assistance call Amber alert Accept/Yes Increase Amber alert time Decrease Amber alert time Enable ManDown Disable ManDown Restart self-test Cancel PUSH-TO-TALK KEY • SOS cycle launch when CustomKey selection: Not in use • opens display locks VOLUME KEYS • increase/decrease volume TORCH LIGHT

1. TWIG Bracer is a safety phone with dedicated lone worker alarm functions. 0700 Publication number: YZ7000-01-EN All rights reserved. © Twig Com Ltd. RG170 HW made in China WHAT TO DO FIRST INSERT SIM CARD Put your SIM card to the SIM holder by setting the metal cradle on the SIM card and pushing it downwards for fixing it on its place. Put the battery on its place and close the back cover with the screwdriver included in the sales package. START DEVICE • Start the device by pressing the red ON/OFF key. OPEN DEVICE SETTINGS • Select Settings, enter the password: 1908 and click OK. SELECT NETWORK & INTERNET Wi-Fi • Tun on Wi-Fi and configure your Wi-Fi network. Mobile network > Data Roaming • When you want to use your device abroad or with multi SIM card Turn on Data roaming . Data usage > Mobile data • Turn on mobile data. • Check the Airplane mode is switched off • Swipe the screen from top downwards and check the Mobile data and Location are switched on. START TWIG BRACER APPLICATION • Swipe the screen from top downwards and click Bracer or swipe the display to find the TWIG logo for Bracer application. TWIG Bracer Getting started guide TWIG BRACER CONFIGURATION TWIG POINT REMOTE CONFIGURATOR • TWIG Bracer device can be configured only with TWIG Point Remote Configurator. CONFIGURATION PROCESS • Login to your TWIG Point SP account. • Click Add device • Add device phone number. Give your device a name, select hardware type and click Add . • Click Configuration . If Configuration page is empty, refresh the page after a while. Settings will appear after Bracer has completed configuration synchronization with TWIG Point. • Select settings according to your needs. Detailed information concerning device configuration in TWIG Configuration Guide also downloadable on website: • When all settings have been selected, click Write to Device . Note! Synchronization may take about an hour. For faster synchronization, click menu key of your TWIG Bracer device and select Synchronize settings or select Open GPRS Connection in TWIG Point Remote Configurator. IMPORTANT INFORMATION CHECK TWIG BRACER APPLICATION IS RUNNING • Drag the status bar down to access the notification list and check TWIG Bracer application is on the list. If not, start TWIG Bracer application again. LONE WORKER ALARM KEYS • You can launch SOS cycle by pressing the red SOS key or the touch screen SOS key. Press the SOS key according to your configuration either twice or during the time set in your configuration. • You can launch SOS cycle also by pressing the button on the left side of the device. When using the side key for SOS cycle launch, check the key customization with CustomKey application. The left side key can be customized for other functions listed in the application. When using it for SOS cycle launch, select Not in use . • To start Amber alert press number 5 on numerical or soft keypad (Check your device configuration first!) • To set ON/OFF ManDown alarm, press number 6 on numerical or soft keypad (Check your device configuration first!) • Numeric and soft key functions are identical! CHECK DEVICE FUNCTIONS • Drag the status bar down to access the notification panel. Use the settings icon in the top right corner to access system settings. • Location and Wi-Fi have to be switched on for positioning. CAUTION! User is able to switch GPS and Wi-Fi on/off! AVAILABLE LANGUAGES TWIG Bracer UI is available in Danish, German, Spanish, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.


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