TWIG is a brand of Twig Com Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software.

Short history of TWIG and Salo:
1928: Nordell & Koskinen Radioliike founded in Salo, Finland. Later branded Salora for radio and TV set sales.
1960'ies and 70'ies: Salora Radio Phones (SRP) supply public authorities and the military in Finland, and grow to dominate the Nordic markets in early public cellular mobile phones.
1979: Mobira founded by Salora and Nokia, grow to become world market leader in 1G mobile phones in 1986-87, later rebranded Nokia Mobile Phones.
1988: Benefon founded in Salo, becomes a successful NMT mobile phones provider in the 1990'ies.
1994: Benefon starts developing the MORE, mobile rescue phone, as part of a European Union research consortium. MORE is the first GSM/GPS personal safety alarm.
2000: Benefon Track launched as the first commercial GSM/GPS safety phone, starting the momentum in the European lone worker safety movement.
2009: TWIG Protector P1 is born, in a bid to create the complete and dependable lone worker and social alarm device.
2011: Twig Com Oy (Twig Com Ltd.) is founded and in January acquires the TWIG/Benefon personal safety alarm device business through a management buy-out.
2014: TWIG marketing, engineering and manufacturing move to our own, new low-energy factory. A range of TWIG Protector P3 personal alarms is launched.