Short Range Device Benefits

Indoor Locating

Locating persons in distress indoors is easy to realize with custom on-site beacons connected to compatible lone worker alarm devices.

 Attendance registration

Tags and door sensors are easy and fast to add to door openings for registration of persons carrying a SRD compatible personal alarm device.

Discreet to Carry with

Smaller than any personal alarm device, a wearable button is light and discreet to carry and helpful to remotely control a paired and nearby situated personal alarm device.

 Easy to Take in Use

Only a SRD compatible personal alarm device is needed. SRD peripherals communicate with a SRD transceiver in the personal alarm device, over a two-way 869 MHz ISM –band RF link.

TWIG Advantages for SRD Deployment

Indoor, outdoor and Ex Areas

TWIG Beacon locating devices are available for indoor and outdoor use as well as for explosive hazardous areas.

Modular System

TWIG personal alarm device can operate with several TWIG short range devices (SRD) at the same time.

Suitable for Multiple Needs

Attendance monitoring, check-in / check-out points, logistics management and many other...

Hybrid Location with SRD3 Device Option

TWIG personal alarm devices equipped with SRD3 option refine on-site beacon location coverage with Wi-Fi and BLE locations.

TWIG Short Range Devices (SRD)

TWIG Beacon

The indoor lone worker alarms solution to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas.

TWIG Beacon Ex

The indoor lone worker alarms solution designed to locate persons in explosive hazardous areas.

TWIG Remote Button

The category 2 short range device (SRD) designed to be worn on the neck, on the wrist or in the pocket.


The attendance monitoring solution

TWIG Door Sensor

The Short Range Device for Doorways

TWIG Product Offer - More Than a Device


Chargers, batteries, wearables, and car solutions - all compatible with TWIG personal alarms.


Datasheets, Quick Guides, Configuration Guides and Declarations of Conformity


Extended warranty, custom sales box configuration, custom device settings, customer SIM-card provisioning, device mid-life upgrades, central station service provider –model...


TWIG personal alarms are remotely and locally configurable with selected settings. Read more about device configuration.


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TWIG personal alarms can be complemented with short range devices, a turn-key central station and AGPS feed. TWIG Integrator Kit enables integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre.