TWIG personal safety alarms are, where indicated, compliant with DIN0825 and BS8484 Part 5 lone worker alarm system requirements. Our marketing, product development and production fulfill ISO9001:2015 and Ex (ATEX) quality management system (QMS) requirements. Our manufacturing fulfills the requirements of REACH, RoHS and WEEE. We manufacture in our low-energy factory (in Salo, Finland) and follow the conventions of ILO (International Labour Organization) covering fundamental principles and rights at work. Twig Com Oy (Twig Com Ltd.) is a private company domiciled in Salo, Finland, EU, complying with State of Finland accounting, tax, corporate governance and labour codes.


TWIG personal safety alarms, where indicated, are compliant with the requirements of the section 5 of BS8484:2009 when implemented in a compliant alarm receiving centre.


TWIG personal alarms, where indicated, are compliant to DIN0825 Part 1 concerning product and test requirements for radio staff protection systems for lone workers and DIN0825 Part 11 concerning product and test requirements using public telecommunications networks.


TWIG Ex (ATEX) products are type approved by qualified notified body and manufactured pursuant to an ATEX quality management system certified by qualified notified body. The notified body is Eurofins Expert Services.


TWIG personal alarm devices of device types TUP91EU, TUP92EU and later are compliant to European Union's Radio Equipment Directive RED 2014/53/EU.