The attendance monitoring solution



  • SRD compatibility options

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Short-range active RF Tag

  • Triggered and read by swiping with compatible TWIG Protector

Small, robust and affordable

  • Discreet design
  • Screw-on and velcro attachment option

Compatibility and communication

  • TWIG Tag works with TWIG TCP90EU -devices equipped with the TWIG SRD Transceiver -option:
  • TWIG Protector
  • TWIG Protector EasyP / EasyS
  • TWIG Asset Locator

Tag report is transmitted from TWIG device to ARC in MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol) messages, over SMS or GPRS.

TWIG Protector with SRD transceiver can operate simultaneously with TWIG Buttons, TWIG Beacons and TWIG Tags.

Brief Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 35 mm x 35 mm x 11 mm (w/o mounting devices)
  • Weight: 13 g with battery
  • Operating temperature -20°C...+50°C
  • Power supply:
    Lithium primary battery 560mAh
  • Operating time: 5 years / 20 000 readings*
  • Operating frequency: 869,675 MH
  • Transmitting power level: -30dBm
  • Frequency deviation: +/- 5kHz
  • Waterproof (IP67)

Sales Package Content

  • TWIG Tag with integrated lithium primary batter
  • Mounting screws
  • Velcro mounting tape
  • Printed quick installation & configuration guide

Product images are indicative only, actual product details may differ. Twig Com reserves right to change all information without prior notice. *Operating time is shortened with every actual Tag reading don

TWIG Tag active RF identifiers are used to register attendance of security guards and other TWIG Protector users, or to monitor mobile assets.

User swipes a TWIG Tag with compatible TWIG Protector to initiate attendance report. TWIG Protector acknowledges with screen indicator and sound that TWIG Tag has been successfully read.

TWIG Protector transmits tag report in real time to central station over mobile network. Information on tag identity and position is included.

TWIG Tag can be deployed in a wide range of environments. It is IP67 water proof and has an operating temperature range of -20 to +50 C.

TWIG Tag can be installed e.g. with screws or velcro tape.

The TWIG short range devices (SRD) system is modular. TWIG Protector with SRD transceiver can receive alarms from several TWIG Button wireless alarms, determine its position from nearby TWIG Beacon locating devices also when GPS signal is not available, and register attendance by swiping TWIG Tag RF identifiers.

TWIG Tag Advantages

Reliable Attendance Monitoring
Real Time Reporting
Modular System

TWIG personal alarm initiates the TWIG Tag ID by swiping it in close distance (approx. 10 mm) and sends its location information to ARC.

TWIG personal alarm reports the TWIG Tag identity and position in real time to central station.

TWIG Tag is compatible with all TWIG personal alarms and operates simultaneously with several SRDs.

Usage Areas

Attendance Monitoring
Indoor Location

TWIG Product Offer - More Than a Device


Chargers, batteries, wearables, and car solutions - all compatible with TWIG personal alarms.


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      TWIG personal alarms can be complemented with short range devices, a        turn-key central station and AGPS feed. TWIG Integrator Kit enables                      integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre.


      TWIG personal alarms are remotely and locally configurable with     selected  settings. Read more about device configuration.