Product Catalog

Alterable SOS key colour, F-series
Alert key tops for alternative SOS key colours
TWIG One Display Sample
Display sample for promotional purposes
Charging adapter, F-series
Charger adapter to connect the mini-USB cable to device
Charging station, F-series
The docking station compatible with devices of F-series
Belt Clip Kit, F-series
Robust belt clip allowing 90 degrees rotation
The Optimal Lone Worker Alarm for Industrial Use
TWIG Configurator
The PC application for controlling TWIG device settings and updating TWIG device firmware
TWIG Integrator Kit
The Developer Resources for Integrating TWIG Devices to Client Alarm Monitoring Centre
TWIG Beacon Ex
The indoor lone worker alarms solution designed to locate persons in explosive hazardous areas.
TWIG Beacon
The indoor lone worker alarms solution to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas
TWIG Bracer
The 3G/GSM/GPS safety phone for industrial and outdoor lone workers