The PC application for configuration of TWIG Beacon and TWIG Beacon Ex

TWIG Beacon Configurator

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    Connect TWIG Beacon wireless configuration adapter to your computer's USB port. Allow Windows to install drivers automatically.

    Once drivers are loaded, run the program TWIG Beacon Configurator.

    Program will show each TWIG Beacon it can currently hear.

    Note that the location of the Beacon configuration box containing similar transceiver as Beacon has significant effect. Do not place it on metal tables or close to metal shelves.

    • A beacon remains in configuration mode for 10 minutes from start or after last configuration. If the configuration is not done during the time, beacon must be restarted with the jumper in the main PCB.

    Data field descriptions

    • The position number in data field No  indicates the number of beacons visible to the configuration program.

    • The data field Name indicates ID programmed to the unit. If no name is programmed, the field is empty.

    • The Serial number is a factory programmed non erasable ID.
    • The Intval/Batlev describes the programmed transmitting interval. The default value is 4 seconds. The interval is only shown in programming mode. A change of interval value by lengthening the interval saves the battery power. But it may some cases result in loss of signal not noticed by TWIG Protector.
    • In the data field Tx level the level of transmission is programmed to Beacon. The default value is -20dBm.
    • The data field Rssi describes the level of transmission in which the Configuration unit and also Protector can hear the Beacon.

    TWIG Beacon configuration tool doesn’t require dedicated USB drivers, as it uses Windows HID. (Human interface drivers)

    Connect TWIG Beacon configuration device to your computer USB port with TWIG Beacon configuration adapter.

    Allow Windows to install drivers.

    Download the TWIG Beacon Configurator

    TWIG Beacon Configurator

    Download the latest setup.exe file

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