Long-lasting & Reliable Safety Devices

Our philosophy of manufacturing long-lasting devices means device durability ensured with precise quality control and professional knowledge in radio technology. Finnish engineering combined with long experience in telematics industry are the basis of the highly reliable personal safety alarms. For us quality means saving time, money and environment. TWIG devices are complete products without hidden costs: durable, backwards compatible and scalable. Additional services support the extended product life-cycle.

More Than a Device

Our offering is all-round, a complete package with no strings attached: Device + Software + Settings + System + Support + Service.


TWIG products are engineered and manufactured in Finland under an ISO9001:2015 and ATEX compliant quality management system.


TWIG personal safety alarms are compliant to DIN0825 and BS8484 Part 5. Our production fulfills the requirements of Ex, REACH, ROHS and WEEE.


We manufacture durable devices with extended product life-cycle. Our low-energy factory is one of the sustainability factors. Our production is compliant to ROHS, REACH, WEEE.

We engineer

We employ in-house engineers for software development, electronic engineering and RF (radio frequency) design.

We manufacture

By placing the production line literally meters away from engineering and marketing, we facilitate best possible communications and a culture where quality and customer service are always job one.

Our Services

We offer value-added services like extended warranty, custom sales box configuration, customer SIM-card provisioning and central station service provider -model.

The TWIG Story

Our first 20 years innovating personal alarms.


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Backwards compatibility, scalable devices, open interface, modular system, 3G, IP67, ATEX compliance, SRD peripherals and indoor location.


  Multitalent skills with dynamic attitude.