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2. TWIG WebFinder SP NFC Tag Attendance monitoring Device management Location fusion Device integration Customer system 3G/GSM data + SMS 3G/GSM 2 - way voice GPS System modules Global infrastructure TWIG Point SP Remote Configurator Cellular location AGPS Faster GPS acquisition TWIG Integrator: TWIG MPTP, TWIG Support IP Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Operations management Amber alert = key 5 ManDown alarm = key 6 SOS keys Compatibility and communication • Communicates with all systems using MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol) both SMS and GPRS. • Tracking and alert messages include information on GPS, speed, heading and battery charge. Provisioning and security • Remote configuration with TWIG Point Remote Configurator • Authorisation of remote and local access Mechanics • Dimensions: 63 mm x 140 mm x 26 mm • Weight: 230 g including battery • Water - and dustproof (IP68) • Impact, vibration, shock and temperature resistant MIL - STD 810G L one worker alarm functions • Manual alert through SOS key • ManDown + alarm with two automatic alert triggers: device orientation and non - movement. • Amber alert (timer alert, local + server based) • Two - way 3G/GSM voice with speaker • Device and user status messages • Interactive on - screen messages • GPS / Wi - Fi tracking • Geofence Camera and torch • 5 MP (back) • 0,3 MP (front) • Torch with LED light Display and keys • Two red SOS keys • Touch screen with dedicated alarm keys • Preprogrammable assistance call keys • Numerical phone keypad Sales package content TWIG Bracer unit with battery • Mains charger with USB cable • Charging station • Belt Clip • Headset • Screwdriver • User and safety documents Software and resources • TWIG WebFinder monitoring SaaS • TWIG Integrator Kit for ARC integration • TWIG Point Remote Configurator: turn - key service to manage all device settings remotely Key technical features • Quad - band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) • 5 - band 3G (800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz) • Built - in GSM and GPS antennas • Operating temperature - 20 ° C..+60 ° C • NFC 13,56 MHz • 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM with Micro - SD Card up to 32 GB • Processor MT6572M • Rechargeable 3600 mAh Li - ion battery • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean GPS and AGPS • GPS and Android AGPS Operating time • In actual use, the standby time and talk time of the phone varies with the network status, working environment and usage. Wireless technologies • Bluetooth ® 4.0 • Wi - Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac Country of HW origin • RugGear RG310 made in China • Imported in EU by Magneta S.A. Product images are indicative only. Twig Com reserves right to change all information without prior notice. Communication is only possible within mobile network coverage. *Optional device feature. **Operating times may vary substantially depending on environment and device settings. ***Charging only above 0 ° C and below 40 ° C. ****Requires appropriate central station implementation. TWIG is a registered trade mark of Twig Com Ltd. More information: . All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Twig Com Ltd. Lairolantie 14 FIN – 24910 SALO, FINLAND Tel: +358 40 510 5058 Fax: +358 42 510 5058 TWIG Bracer Technical specification

1. TWIG Bracer is a 3 G/GSM/GPS safety phone for industrial and outdoor lone workers requiring a rugged smart phone with panic buttons and automatic alarm functions . Location over MPTP • GPS • Cellular and Wi - Fi location • AGPS for faster GPS position Powerful and tough • Powerful battery and loudspeaker • Water and dustproof IP68 • Shock resistant MIL - STD 810G Lone worker alarm functions • ManDown +, Amber alert • 2 red SOS keys for panic situations • 2 - way voice Remote device management • TWIG Point Remote Configurator • Saves time and money in customer support Two in - one dedicated • Android 4.2 smart phone • Lone worker alarm Lone worker safety phone Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers means to alert help . Depending on risk assessment, a dedicated alarm device may be required . A safety phone with alarm button, doubling as mobile phone, is often suited for moderate risk scenarios . A larm functions • Automatic ManDown + function can trigger alert if user is incapacitated . • When entering a risky situation, enhanced monitoring can be requested with Amber alert . It can trigger alert in ARC also in absence of GSM connection . **** • Panic alarm can be activated with red SOS keys or SOS soft key on touch screen . Alarms monitoring and tracking TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre (ARC) . Optionally the TWIG WebFinder SP software provides a turn - key solution for testing or deployment . Alarms and reports can also be received on smartphone as SMS with web map link . EZ6000 - 02 - EN © Twig Com Ltd. 2017 - 2018 Efficient deployment Remote configuration makes TWIG device fast to deploy and flexible to operate . Turn - key over - the - air device configuration accessible with TWIG Point user account . All inclusive • Phone, PIM, e - mail, web, Android • 2G/3G, USB - port • NFC, Bluetooth, Wi - Fi • Touch + keypad • LED torch More than smart phone TWIG safety phone has been designed to respond to the communication and safety requirements of outdoor and industrial employees working alone in demanding environments . TWIG Bracer The Smart Safety Phone


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