Product Catalog

Carrying strap with ripcord, Embody

Pendant with ripcord for TWIG Embody device

Belt clip, Embody

Belt clip for TWIG Embody device

ID badge holder with carrying strap and ripcord, Embody

ID badge holder with lanyard and rip cord for TWIG Embody device

Mains charger

Car charger

Battery, Discovery range

Scalable Devices

A wide variety of options: GPS, ManDown, 2G/3G, SRD, high-power speaker...

Modular System

A variety of short range devices, AGPS, ARC Service Provider –model, Integrator Kit and Charging station compatible with the TWIG personal safety alarms.

Professional Support

More than 20 years experience in telematics guarantees the knowledge you need.

Compatible Software

Third party Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and GPS tracking software, compatible with TWIG devices