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1. The TWIG Beacon system is designed to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas where GPS is not reliable and other methods do not provide needed accuracy. TWIG personal alarm devices are located within a microcell network of RF transmitters, laid out to meet position accuracy requirements. Instantly operational TWIG Beacon locating devices provide years of operating time with their integrated large-capacity battery. Over-the-air configuration facility makes setting up the system easy. IP67 water-proof housing allows installation in demanding environments. TWIG personal safety alarm devices report to alarm receiving centre (ARC) TWIG Beacon location information along with last known GPS position, creating a complementary location system for indoor premises capable of global roaming outdoors. The Indoor Lone Worker Alarms Solution TWIG Beacon The indoor location is possible with the device option SRD3 enabling the accurate indoor location by using signals from TWIG SRD beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons or Wi-Fi base stations installed in the building. TWIG personal alarm device equipped with the SRD option is compatible only with TWIG SRD beacons and other TWIG short range devices. Alarms monitoring and tracking TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre (ARC). Optionally the TWIG Point Monitor cloud service provides a turn-key solution for alarms monitoring and tracking. Lone worker safety Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers means to alert help. Depending on risk assessment, a dedicated alarm device may be required. An automatic ManDown alarm is sent when device user falls or is not moving. When entering a risky situation, enhanced monitoring can be requested with Amber alert. TWIG personal alarm device can trigger alert in ARC also in absence of mobile network connection.**** Indoor positioning In many buildings GNSS satellite signals are blocked and GNSS-computed location is not available at all. Alarms and reports can also be received on smartphone as SMS with web map link. Modular system With the TWIG modular SRD system the TWIG personal alarm including SRD or SRD3 option can be connected to several TWIG SRD beacons. EZ3415-07-EN © Twig Com Ltd. 2020

2. Options and accessories • Wireless Configuration Adapter + USB cable • ATEX compliant beacon (II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb, Zone 1 Category II Gas intrisically safe temperature class 4), operating temperature: -20°C..+50°C TWIG Beacon Technical Specification ( TST90EU ) Short-range RF beacons • Location determined using Beacon signals • Complement GPS location indoors Small, easy and affordable • Discreet design • Instantly operational • Wireless configuration • Scalable coverage up to 2000 m2 per beacon** • Add beacons for increased resolution • No location server system required Compatibility and communication • TWIG Beacon works with TWIG personal alarm devices equipped with SRD or SRD3 option • Beacon data is transmitted from TWIG device to ARC in MPTP (Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol) messages, over SMS or GPRS. Provisioning and security • Wireless configuration TWIG Beacon Configuration Adapter TWIG Beacon Configurator PC application • Configuration security Brief technical specification • Dimensions: 125 mm x 75 mm x 60 mm • Weight: 305 g with battery • Operating temperature -20°C..+50°C • Power supply alternatives: Lithium primary battery 19 Ah • Operating time: 4 years*** (typical, with lithium primary battery) • Operating frequency: 869,675 MHz (EU), 918,675 MHz (AU) • Transmitting cycle: 4-99 s (adjustable) • Transmitting power level: -30 dBm - +5 dBm • Frequency deviation: +/- 5 kHz Mechanics • Water and dust proof (IP67) ARC integration alternatives • Display beacon name • Beacons reference list at ARC Sales package content • TWIG Beacon • Integrated lithium primary battery 19 Ah • Printed quick installation & configuration guide Product images are indicative only, actual product details may differ. Twig Com reserves right to change all information without prior notice. *Some product versions only. **Beacon range varies substantially depending on building structures etc ***Operating times may vary substantially depending on environment and the adopted configuration. ****Charging only above 0°C and below 40°C. TWIG is a registered trade mark of Twig Com Ltd. More information: Twig Com Ltd. Lairolantie 14 FIN – 24910 SALO FINLAND Tel: +358 40 510 5058


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