Hybrid location for TWIG personal alarms

TWIG Point Netloc


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Turn-key world-wide WiFi + cellular locating of compatible TWIG personal alarm devices (off-site)

Turn-key world-wide indoor location refined with custom on-site beacons (SRD, BLE  or Wi-Fi).

Improves location availability when there is no GPS / GNSS signal e.g. indoors

TWIG Point Netloc is compatible with TWIG device types TUP93EU and TUP92EU (SRD3 required for Wi-Fi and BLE). For TWIG Embody of device type TUP91EU only cellular and SRD beacons are possible. Device type is printed in type label, on back side of the device.

Mobile data usage typically 0.5 kB per positioning

 Activation and access through TWIG Point account. Contact TWIG Sales for service prices.

For details of configuring devices remotely, please refer to Configuration Guide.

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