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Scalable personal alarm devices and value-added services with upfront customer care.

scalable devices

Lone Worker Protection

TWIG personal alarms are dedicated safety devices designed for multiple lone working situations.

TWIG Advantages

Backwards compatibility, scalable devices, open interface, modular system, 3G, IP67, ATEX...

Modular System

TWIG devices integrate with TWIG Point SP services as well as with third party monitoring software.


TWIG products are designed, manufactured and marketed pursuant to ISO 9001:2015.


ISO9001:2015, BS8484, RoHS, ILO, DIN0825 and ATEX


The extended product life-cycle of TWIG personal alarms saves time, money and environment.

Made in Finland

TWIG personal alarm devices are engineered and manufactured in our low-energy factory in Finland.

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