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1. TWIG Short Range Devices (SRD) For TWIG One with SRD3 option TWIG Beacon SRD • For locating TWIG personal alarm devices indoors • Data transfer in MPTP messages over SMS or data connection • Large capacity battery providing years of operating time • Dust and water proof (IP67) TWIG Beacon Ex SRD • Designed for explosive hazardous areas • II 2 G Ex ibIIC T4 Gb • ATEX model of TWIG Beacon Wireless configuration adapter for beacon • For naming, adjusting transmitting efficiency and intervals TWIG Door Sensor SRD • The magnet attached to the door and the sensor to the door frame • TWIG One registers door openings • Report transmission in real time to central station over mobile network • Reports on door sensor identity and position TWIG Remote Button SRD • The short range device of SRD transceiver category 2 • Carry on the neck, on the wrist or the in pocket • Operating f requency 868.229 MHz • Remote launch of MPTP protocol messages with a single push of button • NOT APPROVED FOR USE AS SOCIAL ALARM EZ6500-01-EN © Twig Com Ltd. 2020


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